About the Ship

Originally built in 1931 in Belgium as a "Zeilogger" or sailing fishing ship

The 120 feet ( 37m ) long "Insulinde" proved to be a vessel which combined grace and speed and was subsequently put to good use as a "packer" racing fresh catches from the Icelandic fishing grounds to the great coastal cities of Europe. Following a period of mixed use and some neglect the "Insulinde" was completely restored in Enkhuizen , Holland in 1987 and fitted with 9 two person cabins, including a couple of well-proven honeymoon suites. The ship, while not luxurious, is most comfortable and very well maintained. About 30 to 80 passengers make day trips, wedding and private parties, and smaller groups of 12-14 enjoy fully inclusive live-aboard mini-cruises to exclusive destinations. Safety has a high priority, and the ship is certified with the Dutch Shipping Inspection for worldwide voyaging with passengers.

Adapted from an article by Wanda Young & Ken Bravo

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